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Strikepage for www.vpix.com

Info text is at the bottom of this page

You have arrived at the strikepage for www.vpix.com. The web site referenced by this domain name has no public pages except for the strikepage. This is it. You are here.
Except for the strikepage, all the material on this site is private. Unauthorized access to files of any type, especially web page files, is prohibited. Viewing of unlinked pages is prohibited. The examination and/or download of private information is prohibited.
The directory structure for any data storage area on this system is considered confidential. The hardware configuration for this system is considered confidential. All accesses to this system are logged. Any attempt to penetrate system security, especially for the purpose of downloading private files or to obtain confidential information, is a federal crime and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Info about www.vpix.com

The www.vpix.com web presence is used primarily as a repository for small frequently accessed data objects. Although this site maintains and displays a strikepage, the contents of this site are not linked to it. Links to the contents on this site are published by clients or other users who wish to offer distributed access to their data. The primary storage array for www.vpix.com is co-located at a special use internet service provider (ISP) that offers very low response times with respect to service requests. This allows www.vpix.com to transmit many data objects simultaneously on demand with high bandwidth.
If you have any questions about this site, or if any of the links or images fail to function, then send an e-mail message to _administrator_
logo for VPIX.COM
If you recognize this logo, then you are in the correct location on the internet.

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The web site www.vpix.com is NOT affiliated with epix Internet Services, epixHD, EPIX Incorporated, EPIX Medical, EPIX Holdings Corporation, or E-PIX Internet Newsstand. These are separate companies with unrelated lines of business.